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poisonivy918's Journal

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18 September 1983
I'm 26 years old, from long island. go check out myspace to know more


"A Virgo girl is chic and stylist, but you're anything but superficial, often volunteering to help friends in a pinch. Still, underneath that caring exterior lies a woman who isn't afraid to go up against a power player. And thanks to your ubersavvy intuitiveness, you can spot a phony in a heartbeat."i>


  • Organized.

  • Perceptive.

  • Your ability to get to the root of a problem makes you everyone's favorite advice giver.


  • Nitpicky.

  • Stingy.

  • Your bad habit of monopolizing conversations could get you blacklisted from parties all over town.

Your sexual M.O.

  • You prefer quality to quantity.

  • You'd rather have one big bang than hours of so-so sex.

You in love

What you crave and don't often get

Quiet time for heart to heart talks and lazy mornings cuddling together in bed.

Your romantic mistake

You're always attracted to men who make trouble and turn your life upside down.

Your passion pet peeve

You hate being manhandled by guys who don't understand how to be gentle in bed.

Why dudes dig dating you

You shift suddenly from proper to passionate, which always keeps the guys guessing

Thanks to Cosmopolitan for this little tidbit of information

Year ahead

You're nitpicky, so everything stressed you out in 2004. The stars say it's time to go with the flow, and getting involved in an artsy hobby will help you let loose. This summer, get away sans cell phone teaches you that life won't fall apart if you check out for a bit. By fall, you'll realize you can take care of business and have time for friends.

Friends Only

To be on my friends list....

  • You must comment sometimes.

  • Be okay with crazy shit.

  • Be openminded.

  • Not judge people.

  • Be hot j/k actually you can't be shallow or cocky, conceited I can't stand that shit.

  • Don't think you know everything.

  • Please don't be a stalker I have enough of those.

  • Don't think you know me by reading my little posts.

  • Also it'd be nice if your really cool about drugs, alcohol, and sex. I don't want any lectures either. Save that for someone who would listen.

  • If you think your better than everyone else in the world go away, like I said earlier I can't stand those types.

  • Be okay with depressed, fucked up things at some points too.

  • Just remember i'm a very open person who never lies in her journal or holds back.

Princess Bella
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